I’m constantly asked about on the go breakfast ideas. And it’s a great question! If you haven’t read my post on why you shouldn’t skip breakfast, read it now! Breakfast is super important. And if anyone can tell me why we wouldn’t dare let our kids go without breakfast before heading off to school, why do we constantly skip it and think that’s ok? It’s not ok!

But I do understand. Time. There’s never enough of it and in the morning it’s moving in hyperspeed and if you’re going to forget anything, at least it’s not a kid or your wallet, it’s just breakfast. Instead, let’s get prepared and start taking care of ourselves by eating breakfast consistently.

Try these recipes and tips which we actually eat in the Basham house all the time.

  1. Breakfast bars. I know, stellar tips, right? But seriously, the best way to avoid missing breakfast is to have something available in your car or office if you literally don’t have two minutes to eat at home or if you truly forget. I have RX bars which I like because they’re clean (only 4 ingredients, all of which are real foods). They also have more protein than a granola bar or typical breakfast type bar. Try to avoid cereal bars that are heavy in carbs with no fat or protein, which you need to avoid a blood sugar surge and to keep you full and satisfied longer.
  2. Eggs. Eggs are the perfect protein source and delicious. You can heat a skillet and scramble a few eggs in less than 5 minutes but for some reason, we don’t think there’s time for a hot breakfast. This is the most under-appreciated hot breakfast on the planet! Do this and grab an apple or piece of fruit for your commute and you’re set. If you don’t have 5 minutes, have hard boiled eggs ready to go. I will sometimes grab two hardboiled eggs and eat them when I get to my office.
  3. Breakfast Smoothie. When our blender finally checked out, we purchased a NutriBullet and this little gadget is perfect for making a quick smoothie. My go-to recipe is quick, easy and clean- 1 c almond milk, 3/4 c frozen berries (i don’t actually measure), 3 tbsp PB2, a few ice cubes and a generous handful of spinach. Be careful though, many smoothie recipes are high in sugar. Even if it’s all from fruit, too much sugar isn’t what you want first thing in the morning. Instead look for a good mix of macronutrients including fat and protein as well as greens for antioxidants and other health benefits. I think spinach or kale is the best way to add greens without taking over the flavor. Buy a big bag of greens and separate into single serving sizes and freeze them. Between that and always having frozen berries on hand, making a smoothie takes about 2 minutes and I can drink it on my way to work.
  4. Pre-made breakfast burritos or sandwiches. I don’t love kitchen gadgets that have one specific purpose, but we bought this breakfast sandwich maker a few years ago and use it all the time. Fortunately, my husband has time in the morning to make the kids a hearty breakfast before they get on the bus, and they eat breakfast sandwiches several days a week. I will sometimes have him make me one too and it really hits the spot. We use whole wheat English muffins, eggs, cheese, and whatever we may have on hand like deli meat, bacon or sausage. I have in the past, sat down and made a dozen of these, wrapped them and stuck them in the freezer. They heat up pretty darn good are great to grab on your way out! Another option if you don’t have this gadget is a wrap, which can also be made in bulk and frozen. These Joseph’s Bread’s are really good and low carb and high in fiber, we use them all the time (locally I find them at Walmart). They’re perfect for a breakfast burrito.
  5. Greek yogurt and “crunchies” (aka granola). My kids call granola crunchies, and this is one of their favorite breakfasts. Again, keep it simple and give yourself options. We’re Chobani loyalist in our house because I love the brand and their clean recipes. If you’re watching the sugar skip the granola, but we make our own which we control the sugar, also it has a lot of nuts so it’s higher in protein.
  6. Protein pancakes or waffles. Americans (and everyone else for that matter) have a major problem with eating desserts for breakfast. Meaning pancakes and syrup, donuts, even bagels are basically the same as eating dessert- lots of carbs and no nutrients. BUT, we love these staples and want to include them in our life! A great compromise is making your own with controlled ingredients like whole wheat flour or adding protein powder and going light on the syrup or adding berries for sweetness instead. These Kodiac Cakes are a great option too if you want to purchase something ready to make. They’re readily available at most grocery stores these days. We always make waffles in bulk and freeze them, the just pop them in the toaster to reheat.
  7. Frozen Berries. We always have a bulk bag of frozen berries in the freezer. We use them for smoothies but our kids also love to eat them plain and frozen. Berries are loaded with antioxidants and other health benefits and tend to be lower in sugar than some of the tropical fruits like bananas, mangos, pineapple etc (although we eat these too!) We’ll often give the kids a side of frozen fruit with whatever breakfast they’re eating.
  8. Overnight Oats. This is another pre-made item that is great for those on the go. There are tons of recipes on Pinterest or online (again- watch out for those high in sugar and syrups!). Steel-cut oats are less processed and higher in fiber and protein than instant oats, so make these ahead eat them cold or heat them up in the morning.
  9. Avocado toast. You either haven’t been on the internet in the last two years or haven’t eaten at any hipster restaurants if you haven’t heard of avocado toast. Truthfully though, it’s genius. Avocados are full of healthy fat and nutrients. Spread over a fiber-rich whole wheat toast it’s really a well-balanced combination. Again, Pinterest or Google creative ways to spice up your avocado toast. My favorite is my husband’s homemade wheat bread toasted, spread mashed up avocado, and this amazeballs Everything But the Bagel Seasoning from Trader Joe’s (which I have to get on Amazon because we don’t have one).
  10. My favorite breakfast. I have to include my absolute favorite homemade breakfast because it’s delicious. Paired with a side of fruit, I feel like I’m eating at a fancy breakfast bistro.  I toast 1/2 a whole wheat English muffin and spread on regular cream cheese. I then top with an over medium egg and lightly salt. Sometimes I’ll do a second egg on the other half. To. Die. For.

If you have a great nutritious breakfast idea, send it my way! I love sharing things with this awesome community we’ve created and giving people the tools they need to become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves!