I feel like I struggled with my weight my whole life. I remember hating going to the doctor when I was a kid because I knew my weight would be discussed, and I didn’t want to think or talk about it. I never got made fun of for my size and considered myself pretty confident, because I would tell myself I didn’t care what other people thought. Most of time I didn’t but of course, there were times I would get down about my size because I couldn’t fit into cute clothes that I liked.

When I had my twin girls 4 years ago, I decided to do my best to teach them to eat healthily and be active. But I didn’t want them to stress about weight because let’s face it we have enough to worry about. This was pretty easy the first few years because my girls are not picky and would eat a lot of things. But as they get older, they watch what I eat and drink and want to do the same.

I have literally tried all kinds of diet and nutrition plans since I was in college: Nutrisystem, WW, Beachbody, eating healthier, etc. If I lost weight it would be great for a while. Then something would happen in life and I would get thrown off track and go back to my old ways. I started thinking I shouldn’t even try to diet because every time I do well, something major (and I mean major) would happen in my life and throw me off.

The first time I did WW (formerly Weight Watchers), my husband and I did really well for several weeks. Then he ended up in a chainsaw accident, cutting his leg very badly so we got of track dealing with that. Then a few years later we tried Beach body and were doing really well for a couple of weeks. Then my father-in-law was killed in a farming accident. See what I mean when I said I thought I shouldn’t even try dieting?

But this time was different and I still don’t know why. My job as a nurse manager at a local hospital is very stressful. And I’m a stress eater. One of the secretaries approached me and another coworker about doing WW at work. She eventually put the meeting on our calendar as a meeting request and told us we had to go. So I went and decided I needed to at least try SOMETHING because I knew I needed to finally get on track with a healthier lifestyle.

As I began my journey I started talking to my family and friends about what I was doing. Some of them jumped on board which has been a huge help to me. Two close friends have joined the journey and we all group text almost on a daily basis to see how good (or bad) we are doing on our health journey. A couple of my coworkers were already doing WW and were very successful. After watching me get healthier, My mom, husband, sister, and several coworkers have also joined. The support system has been great for me. Previously, tracking my food didn’t work but with this program, I have been and it works for me, keeping me on track.

I am 12 months into my journey to making my life healthy. I have lost 70 lbs so far. I have gained energy, confidence, and just feel all over like a new person. I am still in shock that I stuck with it this time which resulted in success.

You might be wondering if I had any major life event happen this time around- and I did! Three months into the journey I ended up in the Emergency Room with a kidney stone. I remember thinking here we go again, I’m going to get thrown off track and yet again. But somehow I persevered and stayed right on track.

Lately, I get asked multiple times a week what I’ve been doing and how I’m doing it. I honestly can’t give a specific answer because I don’t even know. I know the thought of me getting healthier started with a conversation with my sister telling me every time I put my mind to something I accomplish it, so why couldn’t I accomplish a healthier lifestyle? I do know for a fact, to have a successful journey you need to have a good support system for when you fail, because we’re all human.

To be honest, my support system has grown tremendously since I started this journey. Sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and start it and then your support system will come as you go.   You also need to forgive yourself if you have a bad day and continue on the journey. Eventually, it gets easier.

My taste for foods has changed so much since January 2018. I love vegetables now and try new recipes and modify them to make them helthy if they aren’t. I also shop where I know vegetables and fruits are cheaper, like Aldi or Ruler to help with cost. I have learned that short term goals are so much easier than long term goals. I knew I had over 100lbs to lose, so I started making small goals: 20lbs, another five, and then another five. That has made all the difference.

If you are struggling with weight loss and the idea of becoming healthier, do not give up. There are some things you can control in life and some you can’t. I used to think I couldn’t control what I ate but now I realize that is one of the only things I can. So I might as well do what is best me and makes me feel better in the long run.

As a Mom, you are setting an example for your kids and they want to be like you. My girls love the fact that I run with them to do things. I can now fit and go on rides with them more comfortably, and can just overall keep up with them better! I want them to remember me as a Mom who was active and taught them to stay active and to eat healthy. I want them to know that you can enjoy some not so healthy items in moderation.

As moms, it’s hard to take care of ourselves first. But you can start by picking healthier choices for food. And if you keep doing it, before you know it months will pass. And like me, you’ll look up and the time has flown by and you’ll be happy with the results.

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