Welcome Facebook friends and family! Today I finally announced this blog and encouraged people to like my Facebook page. I am mostly hanging out on Instagram but know that not everyone is over there with me, so I plan on sharing my blog and new posts on Facebook now as well.

What is Village Farm Life?

About a year ago I had an idea to start a blog. Saying that out loud still sounds funny to me. Blogs are something people start when they feel what they have to say is so important, everyone needs to hear it. To me, that comes with a certain level of vanity that still makes me uncomfortable. I came to realize, however, that is a pretty superficial way of looking at it. The internet has provided a means for anyone to access free information at the click of a finger. And while that can be terrifying on many levels, it’s also pretty amazing. I can watch Ted Talks from experts across a multitude of specialties. I can access current guidelines for medical conditions in seconds. I can look up “how to” videos on literally anything. And for better or for worse, the internet is where people go today for information as well as community and connection. My goal last year was to read more books. Somehow this also lead to listening to more podcast and finding a lot of influencers on social media and blogs. I came really enjoy some of the content I found from moms and lifestyle bloggers, medical experts, and fitness enthusiast. So many of these were really good and inspiring. I began to realize that starting a blog doesn’t have to be about vanity, but about connecting with a tribe that shares your passions. And that excites me.

This blog is two-fold- lifestyle and wellness. The lifestyle part is where I feel the most vulnerable, again because why would anyone care what I have to say about raising my family or parenting? I’m certainly not an expert. But I know from experience that parenting is hard. If I can create a community for moms to gather, share, and feel like they’re not alone, I would be honored.

The main reason for the lifestyle aspect of the blog is a creative outlet for me, so I also plan to share snippets of me and my family and the small homestead we are building. Two years ago, we bought The Village Farm, which included our 150-year-old farmhouse, barn, and 4 acres of property. The original Village Farm was a pig farm that covered many surrounding acres. The basement of our outbuilding still has meat hooks, an industrial-sized freezer door and ancient compressor (talk about your creepy haunted house!) The farm has a great history and since we purchased the property we’ve been slowly putting our mark on the place. I’m no Martha Stewart or Joanna Gaines, but I do get overwhelming joy out of making my house a home and if that resonates with anyone who wants to see how I do that, then great. If not, then this part can be just for me, and I’m ok with that.

The second focus of my blog is nutrition and wellness, which I am confident in. A personal passion of mine is healthy living for myself and my family. I also find great joy in that aspect of my job. As a physician assistant in family medicine and with my background as a registered dietitian, I spend a lot of time counseling patients on how to improve their health through nutrition and exercise, and it’s one of my favorite parts of my job. There is so much information about diet, exercise and how to improve your health and if you’re like a lot of people I speak with, it’s overwhelming and confusing. I stay up to date on current research in these areas and see a great need to share that with people. I have helped multiple people improve their health through positive lifestyle changes and I want an outlet to share that with everyone. There is no one size fits all approach, and my hope is to share practical information to help make real changes that last.

If you find any part of this blog helpful or fun, please let me know. If there is a topic you’d like me to cover, especially any nutrition questions, please let me know. This blog is a personal journey for me, and if I’m the only who ever gets anything out of it, that is ok. But, If even one person wants to join me, I am grateful for any companions!

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